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WisDOT SharePoint Service Support - Document Migration

Document Migration Planning

Before you start the process of moving your content to SharePoint Online, determine the volume of content (documents, images, etc.) that you currently have, how much of that content is used on a regular basis, and how much of it you want to store within your SharePoint site. If you have a large volume of files, you will want to move only the files that are critical for current projects and day-to-day operations. You also want to leave room on your SharePoint Team site for growth.

You will want to categorize your files into three groups:
  • Files that can be removed or deleted
  • Files that can be archived
  • Files that are current and relevant, and that you want to make available to users across your organization

Document Migration Guide

You can access the document titled "WisDOT Document Migration with SharePoint Online" by clicking here.


Last updated: July 29, 2015

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