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WisDOT SharePoint Service Support - Governance

WisDOT SharePoint Governance

The SharePoint Governance Plan is a guidebook outlining the administration, maintenance, and support of Wisconsin DOT’s SharePoint environment. It identifies lines of ownership for both business and technical teams, defining who is responsible for what areas of the environment. Furthermore it establishes rules for appropriate usage of SharePoint Online within the DOT as well as its business partners.

An effective governance plan ensures that the SharePoint Online environment is managed and used in accordance with its designed intent to prevent it from becoming an unmanageable system. The management of an enterprise-wide platform requires strategic rules and procedures for the use of the product and technically sounds policies and procedures to manage the routine tasks which keep the platform effective for its users.

The primary goals of this governance plan are to:

  • Create the people infrastructure to govern and support the SharePoint Online environment
  • Document initial governing policies and procedures of the SharePoint Online environment
  • Communicate the need for the business to provide support via people resources

SharePoint Online Tenant Management

The WisDOT SharePoint environment will be hosted online by Microsoft Online Services and the tenant will be managed by BITS. We will have three primary site collections and two secondary site collections during the initial deployment of the SharePoint Online environment. Additional site collections may be required as future projects come online.

The initial primary site collections are:   

  • Organizational Site Collections – these will be the main site collections for where most of the content will be stored for all of WisDOT. These collections will contain organizational sites (Divisions, Bureaus, Sections, and Units) and project sites, with a site collection for each division.
  • Archive Site Collection – One or more site collections containing content from sites that have been archived, such as closed project sites. The sites contained within this collection are still viewable and searchable however, permissions follow each site from their previous collection.
  • Functional Navigation Site Collection – contains functional navigation sites with minimal content, such as the WisDOT SharePoint Home site. This collection will also contain sites that are unique or an exception to the Organizational site storage location.

The initial secondary site collections are:

  • Practice – this site collection will be used for SharePoint user practice purposes only.
  • Development – This site collection will provide a segregated environment for custom application development, web parts, workflows, as well as an area to test any new SharePoint features or service offerings.

You should review, understand, and follow the WisDOT SharePoint Governance Plan document.

Last updated: July 29, 2015

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