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WisDOT SharePoint Service Support - Content Standards

WisDOT SharePoint Content Standards

Existing standards and policies which relate to the use of technology in the enterprise still apply. This includes acceptable use, privacy, copyright, retention, confidentiality, and security.

A WisDOT SharePoint Content Standards document has been created. The standards outlined in that document address the elements of content management:

·         Content Types

·      Document Library Standards

·      Standard Content Properties

·      Custom Properties or Columns

·      Content Security

The WisDOT SharePoint Content Standards document can be found here.

Here are some general document standards:

·      File names should be topical and descriptive

·      Avoid the use of dates or version numbers in file names whenever possible

·      Reduce file size whenever possible

·      No files over 50MB should be stored within the SharePoint tenant


Last updated: March 8, 2018

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