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Office 365 Migration - SharePoint Migration to DOA Enterprise Space

Welcome to the Known Issues Page!

The SharePoint migration to will likely have caused some problems for users. Please see this page for common issues, and how to deal with them. 

Known Issues:

User not found in directory (That didn't work)

user not found in directory

I can't find my content

URLS have changed. Please see this document to know how to convert an OLD url into a new URL.

Things look different

As part of the migration, we are using new SharePoint interface, known as the "Modern User Interface"

  • Not all pages will have this new look. This is because microsoft hasn't released the modern interface for all lists types
  • Menus are in different places, it may take a bit of time for you to get used to.
  • Navigation may look different. The modern interface "collapses" nested menu items. Click the arrow next to the item to expand the menu.
  • What if I can't find something? You can always switch back to classic mode by clicking the link in the lower left side of the page that looks like this:
    classic mode

My left navigation is "cut off" by the arrow.

This issue is due to SharePoint opening up in "Doc mode IE 10" BITS is currently working to fix this and we expect the issue to be temporary. Thank you for your patience.


My OneNotes are pointing to the wrong location

Please see this page for details on how to fix this issue.

Content is missing or incorrect

Please submit a service desk ticket, with a high level of detail on what content is missing, including the URL of the old content.

My personal views are missing

Unfortunately, our tool and the Microsoft API does not allow the migration of person views. You will need to recreate them.

My follow list is gone

We are not able to migrate your follow list. You will need to recreate it.

Some sites don't list the site Name, they just say "Home"

We are currently investigating this issue and ways we can fix this en mass. However, if you would like to fix your pages yourself, and you are a site owner, you can! Here are the steps. In short, you'll be, temporarily setting a different page as the home page, then setting the home page back.

  1.  Navigate to your site. In the "Ribbon" click "Page" then "View All Pages" as shown here:
  2. Open the page called "How To Use This Library"
  3. On this page, in the Ribbon, click "Page" Then "Make Homepage"
  4. Once that is done, click "View all Pages" again.
  5. Open "Home.aspx" and set that page as the home page. Refresh your page and it should be fixed.


What if I have questions?

Last updated: Jan. 30, 2018