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Office 365 Migration - Site Owner migration knowledge base

Important things to know as a SharePoint Site Owner

Hello Site Owners! First off, we want to thank you for being power users, and for your patience during this required transition.

The vast majority of your content will migrate with no issues. We've done thorough testing and piloting to ensure this. However, you may find some content that is problematic after migration. Please report any issue to the service desk, via the service portal, and we will work diligently to get your content up and running as quickly as possible.

"Everybody, but external users" group

Once the migration is complete, the definition of this groups will change. This built in group is not controlled by DOT or DOA. It is a list of users who have a SharePoint license in your Tenant. Therefore, after the migration, ALL State Employees who have an Office 365 license through DOA, will be part of that group. In general, unless you have content that you feel should be forbidden to other state agency employees, you do not need to do anything. However, IF you feel that your content needs to be locked down to ONLY DOT, then you will need to replace "Everybody, but external users" group with the following accounts domain AD group: GACC_DOT_SharePoint_E3_Users

As always, we never recommend using the "Everybody" group, as it will include any external user who has been invited to SharePoint.


External User Permissions will NOT migrate.

Microsoft does not allow the migration of External User permissions. This means that any content you have shared with people outside of DOT will need to be re-shared manually if that access is still required. We realize this will be a pain point for many site owners and we will offer as much support and guidance as possible to help you understand what needs to be done.

After migration:

  1. For people who work for Wisconsin Government, you will be able to add them just like any other DOT user. This is because all SharePoint access is now governed through the DOA Accounts domain (just like your email).
  2. For any non WI Gov people, they will need to be invited just like they were the first time, on a manual basis.

We are providing reports of current external access to help you know where you have shared documents. There is no need to reinvite all the External Users, as this is a good opportunity to clean up your external permissions.

We are providing 2 Excel reports (updated Jan 22nd. We will provide new, final reports the week before we migrate):

  1. All external access, updated Feb 27th, 2018.   
    1. This report will list all external permissions that were in SharePoint on this date.
    2. Often times, there will be repeats, as a user may have access to multiple things due to a group they are in (shown in the "Given Through" column).
    3. If you are adding external users to groups, it may be easier to use report 2.
  2. External acces by Sharepoint Groups, Updated Feb 27th, 2018. 
    1. This report will only list each external person once for each group they are in.
    2. Duplicate entries have been deleted, so you cannot know, via this report, everywhere that group has access to (see report 1 for that).
    3. This report may be more valuable to you if you heavily use groups for providing permissions, as you can just filter by group, and then add the users listed into that group.

Tips for using these reports:

  • Download a local copy to work with so you can save your changes.
  • Filter the content down to only list the site you are working with.
    • To show only a site and its subsites, filter the "URL" field by "text contains > /sites/url1/url2"
      Example: dtsd/bhm sites
    • User other filters to help you manage this data.
  • Mark rows that you have completed, so that you don't end up unsure where you left off. We suggest highlighting.
  • You'll want to use the email address when doing your sharing, not the user name.
  • Pay close attention to the "Given Through" column, as it will tell you if the permission was granted via a group, or explicitly.

Workflows IN PROGRESS will not migrate:

All workflows that are currently in progress, will not migrate. The actual workflows will migrate, and work, in the new environment, but you may need to restart any that were in the middle of running. We expect this to be a very tiny percentage of items.

Where is the "Site Settings" link on modern interface pages?

  1. Click on the gear icon, and then the "site information" menu option.
    site info
  2. In the fly out menu, click "View all site settings"

Last updated: Feb 27, 2018