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IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System) overview


What can IWMS do?

Property records

  • Can track work done on properties
  • Property related data:  sq. footage, age, ownership, etc.
  • Documents and pictures can be attached
  • Added comments tell the story

Service request work order system

  • Submitted work request capability empowers WisDOT staff
  • Added value includes data, historical records, tracking work vs resources, etc.

Inspection forms & survey tools

  • Automated inspection forms can be sent out
  • Provides valuable feedback
  • Provides valuable data
  • Can be used for performance measures

Asset management system

  • Asset related data:  location, years in service, manufacturer, model #s, etc.
  • Asset depreciation and calculated asset replacement costs/years
  • Historical record of work done on each asset

Automated PM work order system

  • Generates automatically scheduled preventive maintenance (PM) work orders
  • Meets PM records requirement

Space management system

  • Ability to access and print “Cad-like” drawings of each property
  • Do not need to pay for expense Cad software licenses
  • Do not need to have Cad skills

Customized reporting and dashboard capability

  • For data-based decision making
  • Easy access to live data, as it changes
  • Easy access to historical data

Potential benefits

  • $ Savings
  • LEAN Government Initiative
  • FAMIS portal could replace website uEasy access to records uEasy access to data


Last updated: December 17, 2018

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