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FAMIS automatically generates 1,817 preventive maintenance work orders each year.

To date:

  • Over 15,744 preventive maintenance work orders have been generated and then handled by technicians and/or facility managers.

  • Over 7,546 service request work orders have been submitted by external customers throughout the state and then handled by technicians and/or facility managers.

 During 2017:

  • Both the lease and space modules were fully implemented.  This involved developing data sets, workflow, procedures, and training documents and then manually creating over 560 detailed records.

  • We transitioned to a new FAMIS administrator business model which involved the training of four existing employees to handle all software administrative, configuration and procedural responsibilities.

  • We started using the new IWMS business intelligence product, allowing us to “turn the corner” and start developing customized data reports and dashboards that will be eventually shared with upper management for data-based decision making.


Last updated: November 14, 2017