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Facility Services works in partnership with the occupying work units to ascertain their space and infrastructure requirements. When building improvements or new facilities are required, Facility Services helps with the request, planning and construction of the project. Facility Services manages projects for new construction, large remodeling projects, and major improvements to WisDOT-owned and leased buildings, as well as smaller projects to make efficient and comfortable use of space.

Facility Services also works in partnership with DOA’s Division of State Facilities to act as liaison and to assist in management of large state-funded construction projects.

WisDOT Facility Managers

Transportation (DTSD)
Emily Kuntz, (608) 266-0893

Motor Vehicles (DMV)
Jolene Thompson, (608) 266-0715

Jill Benkert, (608) 267-0488

State Patrol (DSP)
Anthony Taylor, (608) 266-7910

Integrated Work Management System (IWMS) for DOT owned buildings only

Last updated: February 6, 2017

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