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WisDOT facility services

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Hill Farms project information

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Contact us

Facility Services

Manage projects such as large-scale remodeling, new building construction, repairs, and major improvements to WisDOT owned and leased buildings statewide.

Manage contractual services/property management companies, who maintain and care for WisDOT buildings and grounds.

Hill Farms Complex
For Hill Farms related issues contact your Space Coordinator Excel

Transportation (DTSD)
Investment Management (DTIM)

Emily Kuntz, (608) 266-0893

Motor Vehicles (DMV)
Jolene Thompson, (608) 266-0715

Jill Benkert, (608) 267-0488

State Patrol (DSP)
Anthony Taylor, (608) 266-7910

Integrated Work Management System (IWMS) for DOT owned buildings only

SE Region HVAC Specialist
Dan Gagnon, (414) 380-7150

NE Region HVAC Specialist
LeRoy Woodfill, (920) 360-0628

NC Region HVAC Specialist
Vacant - contact the appropriate facility manager

NW Region HVAC Specialist
Vacant - contact the appropriate facility manager

Facility office space design

Review your programs’ needs and the interior look of your office space.

Make recommendations for such things as amount of space needed, layout of office space, finishes of floor, ceiling and wall surfaces, and selection of office furniture and other equipment.

Manage projects such as installing furniture, moving staff work areas, or coordinating moderate remodel projects.

Work with the WisDOT Safety and Health Unit to make your workspace ergonomically safe.


Recommends future building projects for WisDOT to the DOA Division of State Facilities (DSF) and the State Building Commission on a biennial and six-year planning schedule.

Section Chief
Jody Grossman, (608) 267-3633

Last updated: May 10, 2017