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Hill Farms State Office Building information

DOT Employee parking

Employees working at DOT-owned facilities typically do not pay for parking.  Examples of DOT-owned facilities include State Patrol Posts, DMV Service Centers buildings, and DTSD Sign Shops.  

Employees working at facilities owned by another state agency, such as the Department of Administration (DOA), or a private party may be required to pay for parking.  

If you do not know who owns the building you work in, your supervisor will be able to help you.  

Below is a list of DOA-owned State Office Buildings where DOT employees pay for parking.  Each location has a DOT Parking Coordinator who administers the parking program.  Please contact your building’s Parking Coordinator for information.

Department of Administration State Office Buildings

DOT Parking Coordinator

Lee Sherman Dreyfus State Office Building
141 N. W. Barstow Street
Waukesha, Wisconsin 53188-3789
Bill Desens, (262) 548-8675
Eau Claire State Office Building
718 West Clairemont Avenue
Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54701-4558
Mary Schillinger, (715) 833-5529
Hill Farms State Office Building
4822 Madison Yards Way
Madison, Wisconsin 53705
Gayle Straw, (608) 266-2878

Hill Farms parking garage

The Department of Administration’s Tenant Manual has a section on staff parking for the State Office Buildings listed above.  Here is the relevant section that starts on page 29 in the Manual:

O.  Paid Parking Program

Authorizing Statute

The Wisconsin Capitol Police have enforcement and security responsibilities for the Department of Administration’s Paid Parking Program. They enforce motor vehicle laws and parking rules on state-owned property managed by the Department of Administration. Paid parking policies were established to ensure that the program is operated in accordance with Wis. Stats. 16.843, Wisconsin Administrative Code –Adm. Chapter 1, Parking Rules, and authorizes Capitol Police Paid Parking Authority. Contact Parking Administration regarding parking rules and regulations at 608-266-7840.

Agency Parking Coordinator

Each agency must have a designated Agency Parking Coordinator responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Paid Parking program. Contact your Agency Parking Coordinator for parking availability and fee information.

Priority of Assignment

The priority order is as follows: 1. Fire, Police, and Emergency vehicles; 2. Disabled Employees; 3. State-owned Vehicles (fleet/pool cars); 4. Personal parking stalls, a. Executive Management; b. Car Pool, Van Pools; c. Individual Driver; d. Limited Term Employee, Seasonal, or Contract Employee.

Parking Stall Allocation Formula

 Agencies are allocated parking stalls on a percentage basis in accordance with the number of permanent employees stationed in the facility. Agencies should use the same formula for assigning stalls to their Divisions/Bureaus. The Agency Parking Coordinator will establish waiting lists for assigned parking after all allocated stalls are assigned using the Paid Parking Program rules.

Parking Permit Cancellations

Upon cancellation of a Parking Permit, the original permit holder is required to return the parking permit with the cancellation notice to the Agency Parking Coordinator. The parking permit holder is charged for the parking stall until the parking permit is returned.

Visitor Parking

Contractors, Dignitaries, and Public Citizens must receive permission and a permit to park at state-owned and managed parking lots. A daily parking permit may be issued by the Capitol Police or the Agency Parking Coordinator for daily visitors in the State-owned and leased buildings that have available visitor parking.

Parking Privileges

 Parking privileges are limited to the hours of employment of the employee. The State will not pay for parking of any personal vehicle. Subleasing of parking stalls is prohibited. No monies, favors, or services may be traded for use of a parking stall in accordance with the Administrative Code.

Restricted Access Special Event

 The Capitol Police may designate any parking lot as “restricted Access-Special Event” for a certain period. Subscriber permits are not valid in the specified restricted parking lots during that time. The Paid Parking permit holders will be notified in advance when a parking lot will be closed. Alternative parking arrangements are provided to the affected permit holders when possible.

Prohibited Parking or Storage

There is no storage allowed for any vehicles. Bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles, or vehicles of any kind are prohibited from being stored inside any building, unless specifically permitted, such as enforcement bicycles and mobility devices required for individuals with disabilities.

Last updated: November 27, 2018

Hill Farms parking structure
Hill Farms parking garage