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Requests for service

All requests for service are to be sent to the designated DOT Building Contact who will forward it to either the respective Property Management Company manager or DOT Facility Manager.

Southwest and Northeast

Property Services Companies (separate companies for each region) are under contract for facilities and grounds scheduled operational services and maintenance/repairs at WisDOT-owned buildings in Region 1 - Southwest and Region 3 - Northeast.  This includes janitorial services, lawn mowing, snow and ice removal, pest control, trash/recyclables removal, and other miscellaneous facilities maintenance services.

Southeast, North Central, and Northwest

These parts of the state do not have property management company contracts in place. Instead, all facilities maintenance services are individually contracted by the WisDOT Facility Services Section.

Hill Farms Complex

For Hill Farms related issues contact your Space Coordinator Excel

DOT Facility Managers

Transportation (DTSD)
Investment Management (DTIM)

Emily Kuntz, (608) 266-0893

Motor Vehicles (DMV)
Jolene Thompson, (608) 266-0715

Jill Benkert, (608) 267-0488

State Patrol (DSP)
Anthony Taylor, (608) 266-7910

Integrated Work Management System (IWMS) for DOT owned buildings only

Last updated: May 8, 2018

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