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Hill Farms State Office Building information

Hill Farms parking structure information

Hill Farms parking ramp operations

Parking FAQs

Helpful Reminders:

  • Vehicles must be positioned over the electronic sensor loops in the drive lane for the parking entrance and exit system to function properly.
  • When reserving a fleet vehicle, please ensure that an ID access card for the fleet vehicle is utilized for entering and exiting the parking ramp. Please do not utilize personal access cards when entering and exiting the parking ramp using a fleet vehicle.
  • DOA is installing additional duplicates of the stall number via signs on the walls for better visibility.
  • There are a large number of surveillance cameras throughout the parking ramp.

Disabled vehicle in the ramp:

  1. It will be the responsibility of the owner of disabled vehicles to contact a towing company that utilizes a low clearance tow truck. Several local tow companies have low clearance trucks and have removed vehicles from parking structures.
  2. After hour access, the roll up door should open when Capitol Police lifts the gate. The roll up door will open from the inside once someone activates the motion detector in front of the door.

Moped parking:

  1. DOA has marked spots for moped parking outside of the parking ramp by the SE corner of the ramp. Moped operators should be aware that pedestrians have the right of way and monthly permit holders use this area to enter and leave the parking facility.
  2. We anticipate that this will only be a temporary location until the new building is complete. Moped parking will then be moved to a location near the NW corner of the parking ramp.
  3. At this time there is no plan to allow mopeds to use the inside of the parking structure.

How to get into the garage

To successfully enter and exit the garage, the same access pass must be used at entry and at exit. If that does not occur the access card will not work the next time it is used.

Parking ramp reminders

  • The parking ramp is a smoke-free facility
  • The speed limit inside the parking ramp is 5 mph
  • Please do not attach anything to the parking ramp floors, walls, windows, doors, etc.

Garage layout

What to do if someone is parked in my stall

If your assigned stall is occupied, please park in one of the visitor stalls on the 1st or lower level. Then send an email to DOAParkingManagement@wisconsin.gov indicating that your stall is occupied. Provide your contact information and stall number.

How do I terminate my parking ramp access

  • Those with parking ramp access who no longer need it must leave their access badges with their supervisors on their last day.
  • Upon leaving the ramp for the last time, they will need to press the black button on the console and talk to the attendant to exit.

SUGGESTION:  Before handing over the access badge, write down the access code from the back side, very bottom of the badge (five digits followed by a longer string of numbers), as the attendant may ask for the access code number upon exiting. Also, please complete a Cancellation Form and return the stickers to Gayle Straw on the last day. She can issue a temporary parking permit so staff can stay in the stall on the last day without getting a ticket from Capitol Police.


Please send your questions to the DOT Parking Coordinator, Gayle Straw, (608) 266-2878.

Last updated: April 15, 2019

Hill Farms parking structure
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