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Office space design

Interior architecture recommendations

The Facility Services staff review your programs’ needs and the interior look of office space. Then they make recommendations for such things as amount of space needed, layout of office space, finishes of floor, ceiling and wall surfaces, and selection of office furniture and other equipment.

Project management

The Facility Services staff will manage projects for the interior space of WisDOT owned and leased buildings. These projects may include installing furniture, moving staff work areas, or coordinating moderately-sized remodel projects.

Ergonomic management

The WisDOT Safety and Health unit can assess your work area and make recommendations for an ergonomically safe work space. The Facility Services staff will then put into place the changes needed to make your workspace ergonomically safe.

Hill Farms space coordinators

Space coordinator contact list Excel

Contact your space coordinator for office space design, surplus - SWAP removal, ergonomic assessment requests, and building maintenance, i.e. temperature complaints, burnt out ceiling/task lights, broken window blinds, carpet stains, broken drawers.

What is a space coordinator?

Duties and responsibilities Word

Last updated: February 17, 2017

Space design/remodel projects

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Ergonomic assessment


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After the move: guidelines for your new office Word


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