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Resources and planning

Lean projects by sponsoring division

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Executive Offices

  1. MAPSS quarterly review process
  2. Operating budget review process
  3. DTSD operating budget major item approval process
  4. Research quarterly progress report review and acceptance
  5. Wisconsin Highway Research Program Project Management
  6. Out-of-State Travel Start-to-End Process

Division of Business Management

  1. Telecommunications long term action plan
  2. Pcard process
  3. Information Technology (IT) hardware purchase process
  4. Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) process
  5. Late invoice payments
  6. Delivery route optimization
  7. Batch job process
  8. SharePoint Solution Design Process
  9. DTSD Technical Training Process Improvement 

Division of Motor Vehicles

  1. Skills test availability
  2. Phone quality assurance
  3. DMV weekly work reports
  4. Agent performance reports
  5. DMV out-of-state document sorting
  6. Late title reporting

Division of State Patrol

  1. Crash scene mapping
  2. School bus inspection process
  3. In-custody arrest report review process
  4. Digital dashboard
  5. Overtime call-up for oversize/overweight escorts
  6. Communication tower use agreements
  7. Hiring process for sworn officers

Division of Transportation Investment Management

  1. Timely aeronautics payments
  2. Transit procurement process
  3. Traffic simulation modeling for highway capacity analysis
  4. Trns.port First Priority Funding Project
  5. Bureau of Aeronautics wage determination requests
  6. Transit grant application process
  7. Project audit backlog reduction
  8. State trunk highway network data processing
  9. Trans 29 Permit Process
  10. State Trunk Highway Network (STN) data collection

Division of Transportation System Development

  1. Milestones and resource tracking
  2. Let project closeout process, Phase I
  3. Let project closeout process, Phase II - foundational elements
  4. Let project closeout process, Phase II - payroll clear date lead time
  5. Consultant contracts
  6. NW region purchasing
  7. Highway signing
  8. Federal inactive projects reduction, Phase I
  9. BTO Spending request process
  10. Document approval Process improvement (eSignatures)
  11. NC Region Culvert Inspection Process

The results of completed Lean projects are posted to the MAPSS internet site.


Last updated: February 2, 2018


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