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WisDOT Payroll and Benefits

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WisDOT's pay period is biweekly, beginning on Sunday and ending on Saturday.  Employees are paid every other Thursday per the payroll calendar on the Payroll Calendars page.

All employees are required to enroll in electronic deposit.  Employees with a tax levy or garnishment action may not be eligible to participate in electronic deposit.

New Hire Information

As a new hire, you must enter your bank account information into Employee Self-Service (ESS) on or prior to the first Wednesday following your hire date in order to have the first check set up for electronic deposit.  If this is completed after Wednesday, your first paycheck will be a paper check.

It is recommended that you verify the bank account number and routing number are correct in PeopleSoft.  If there is an error, update the information using ESS as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my direct deposit?

Log in to ESS, click on Payroll and Compensation, click on Direct Deposit, edit the bank information, and click Submit.  Only the last four of your account number will be visible after submitted.  For more detailed instructions, refer to the ePay Job Aid.

How do I view my pay statement or W2?

Pay statements and W2's for 2015 and older are available in PTA Web. Pay statements for 2016 and later are available in ESS.

How do I read my new pay statements?

Pay statements in PeopleSoft are arranged differently and contain new information than PTA Web pay statements.  For more details on how to read your new pay statements, refer to the Pay Statement Resource Guide

How do I receive my paycheck if I cannot open a bank account?

WisDOT offers a prepaid debit card for those that are unable to open a bank account.  In order to sign up, complete the Focus Card Enrollment Form and submit to your Payroll Coordinator. For more information, refer to the Focus Card Brochure.

How do I update my State Withholdings?

Complete the WT-4 Wisconsin Withholding form and return it to your Payroll and Benefits Specialist.

Last updated: April 3, 2019



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