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How do I change my address and/or name with the DOT?

To change your address, please log into PeopleSoft's self service and update it. ess.wi.gov

To update your name, please bring your Payroll and Benefits Specialist a copy of your revised SSN card with your new name. 

How do I update my emergency contact information?

Log into PeopleSoft's self service and click on the Personal Information Summary. Then click "Change Emergency Contacts". ess.wi.gov

How do I read my Direct Deposit Statement (Advice Statement)?

 Direct Deposit Statement PDF

When do I get paid?

 Pay Period Calendars

What deductions are taken from my paychecks?

 Schedule of Deductions Per Check

Do we have Student Loan Forgiveness? 

Yes under a federal public service program, you may qualify for loan forgiveness.  See links: https://studentaid.ed.gov/sites/default/files/public-service-loan-forgiveness.pdf

If you are completing an application for student loan forgiveness, please submit to your payroll and benefits specialist.  The payroll and benefits specialist will complete the employer section and obtain the WisDOT authorized official's signature.  You will be informed when the application is ready for pick-up.

How can I tell what Wisconsin taxes should be taken from my paycheck?

Wisconsin Tax Rate

Can I take paid time for State exams or interviews?   

Please see Leave Benefits - Exam/Interviewing Time for details and TAM 132 for procedure on requesting time off.

What is sabbatical leave and how do I accrue it?

Sabbatical leave is a bank of time that you create when you are eligible to move vacation hours into sabbatical. See the Term Sabbatical chart to determine the amount and timing of when you can move hours into your sabbatical leave account. Eligibility is governed by the current year's Compensation Plan.

How often can I use work time to meet with ETF about retirement?

Per policy, one-time in your career during work hours, but you may arrange to meet with an ETF representative outside your regular work hours at any time. Please refer to the Policy for meeting with ETF Word for additional guidelines.

Before my retirement, can I defer my sabbatical hours into my Wisconsin Deferred Comp. account?  

Based on your annual contribution limits for deferred compensation, you may transfer some (or all) of your sabbatical hours into a Wisconsin Deferred Compensation account just prior to your retirement or termination date.  The sabbatical hours will be converted into a lump sum dollar amount that will be subject to FICA taxes, but not to state or federal withholding and will NOT be included in your WRS hours or earnings.   If you are interested in this option, please contact your payroll coordinator when you have a tentative retirement date to start the process.

Last updated: August 2, 2018


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