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WisDOT Payroll and Benefits

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Leave Benefits

Annual Paid Leave Summary

Vacation - (HR134)

Personal Holiday - (HR134)

Sick Leave Programs and Information - Includes information on Sabbatical, Catastrophic leave, Bone Marrow/Organ Donation

Sick Leave Credit Estimator-Estimate the value of your sick leave credits at the time of your retirement (SHICC & ASLCC)

Legal Holiday

Military Leave Information - Include information on the 30 day and 4 year military provision and benefit options

Exam/Interviewing Leave

Miscellaneous Leaves - Bereavement, Time off to Vote, Jury/Witness Leave, Blood Donation, Election Official Time off, Disaster Relief

Term Sabbatical chart

Family Medical Information  - Paid or unpaid leave covered under Family Medical Leave (see Medical Information page)

NOTE:  For employees taking UNPAID leave of absence, please see the following document:  Benefits While on Unpaid Leave

Last updated: January 5, 2017


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Leave Benefits


Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS)


Life Insurance

Income Continuation (ICI)

Delta Dental PPO

VSP Vision


Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

Health Savings Account (HSA)

Parking and Transit

Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Plan

Long Term Care


State of Wisconsin Benefits Education Guide


Employment Changes

Qualifying Life Events

WRS Eligible LTEs

Edvest College Savings Plan